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kitedive project 2004 sky+water - landart egypt march 2004
[francois de do. jan.2004]
I wish everyone a good time there and a tremendously excellent scubakite fly and pictures. I hope I'll be on for the party next time.
For the news, I'm proud to announce you the creation of the ADACAS ( Association de Développement des Activités Culturelles & Artistiques Subaquatiques), a non-profit organization created for developping and organising Artistic & Cultural Underwater Activities
World underwater photography championships / -> checkout 2004..


kitedive project 2003
march 2003

kitediving thailand : koh lipeh - andaman sea
photo-gallery koh-lipeh 2003

[ difficult situation, only max 8mtr visibility ]

kitediving thailand : koh panghan - gulf of thailand
[worst case - 2m visibility - we cancelled divings]

...winter 02..03 : the plannings

[new kites, installations, kite photo, video, underwater, overwater, air. maybe some theory, writings, webstuff. expo. etc.]


scub-a-kite project 2002  

aug : preparing soundworks/video.
choreograficx of room/elements installation

july : water-media-workshop bessy/cure france

july : kitediving event/expo lebanon
"1 room, for elements."
running: tomm[DE] kisa[DE] ramlal[FR] york[TH]
+lebanondivers +francois[FR] +group: ali[LB] chris[LB] toufi[SY] carine[LB] +djy-zamir[FR] +

june : kitedive workshops
new kites by kisa., tomm, robert[tas], ram
equipment: new uw-digicam
d-video: york /thailand
new kitedivings: nick (june-video /york)

may : kitedive video+zound project start


scub-a-kite project 2002  
"Workshop" Mar 02
the first "testings"


april 2002 : kitediving video projection with kite nightflight show - french report (0,7Mb)


scubakite workshop koh phangan thailand march 2002 !


project for 2002  

Four Elements
underwater kiteflyings
earth wind water light

part one
the installation - crossing elements - earth, wind, water, light - new perspectives and acting.
part two
the playing gallery. active experiments : human recognition between controversal elements. open workshops. multimedia live transfers.

"FourElements" is not similar with "one room, for elements"  


conceptional-idea for 2002  
artkite expo 2""2

scuba photoswim : drifting screens
- pool 20m - just a bunch of kites thrown into the water, oneliners, lines with sinking weight, length 15..20m - max 2 divers - 3 rescue divers, 3 safety lines vertical close to wall - kites will float free in the water like in gravityless, almost without the static dead motionlessity like in athmospheric galleries - kites can easily be controlled like in the air by the performing divers.


conceptional-idea 2001  
artkite expo

scuba expo and artkite performance.
photo-acting: printed kites against the light between the fish.

  required: cameras: photo and video. buffet. safety & guide. press-care. boat, boats.


conceptional-idea 1999 dec
underwater stuntkite delta shaped kite. some manta style. size about 50cm wsp.
sail e.v.a. fiberglass wound 8mm. test: carbon? lines: dyn. white 250daN? power not with drifting... thicker lines for visibility? safety problems by the lines?

a] circling by swimming backwards, indoor-like style

b] drift kiting - probably 'treibanker' (sea-anchor) or buddy-line required? makes it any sense to workout a concept for powerkiting underwater?

: tom. roro. maya. safety: always secure by buddy when piloting a kite. danger: depthmeter might me unattended.


1998 oct 5  
wokshp suchteln ger.

carrying the vision for a decade, we held our first 'underwaterkite plenary' on oct 5th 1998 at the vidoo-workshop 'suc-suk' suchteln, germany.

a concept became draft, and it took three and a half years to arrange the first scubakiting as enviromental performed arrangement.

- tomm. -.

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